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Established in 1986, Laboon is one of the leading companies in the field of fresh meat production in Saudi Arabia. The farms are located in Al-Kharj area of Al-Sahabah, about 80 km away from Riyadh city. These farms are specialized in breeding and fattening their products from sheep, calves and hashi. They also have a slaughterhouse with the permission of the municipality, which is equipped with the latest scientific methods, Safe and healthy to ensure high quality. It has several branches in the central region.

The company is constantly upgrading and developing its services to reach a high level of customer satisfaction, through maintaining a high level of quality of product to the customers, for example, but not limited to:
1- Covering the meat with specific types of cloth and moving it from the slaughterhouse to the branches in special refrigerators.
2- The company is keen to have its fleet of transport based on international specifications for the transfer and circulation of meat to ensure the arrival of the product at a high level of quality to the branches of the company.
3- The company is keen to serve its customers within its branches to provide all kinds of fresh meat and meet all their needs.
4- The company is keen to meet the desire of its customers by packaging, so that the cut meat is placed with special dishes of different weights according to the customer's wishes and wrapped in transparent plastic in order to ensure the safety of meat and the cleanliness of the customer's vehicle and the ease of refrigerating directly in the customer’s home.

Fact about Hashi meat:
It is advisable to eat Hashi meat to anyone on a diet. Hashi meat is low in fat and cholesterol and contains a high level of lean protein.

Fresh grass fed meat is Healthy for our bodies. Some of the benefits of the grass fed fresh meat that have been identified include:

1) It is leaner – less fat.
2) It is higher in omega-3 fatty acids.
3) It is higher in vitamin E.
4) It has smaller size.

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It is known that red meat products are damaged if they are not properly preserved. Not all consumers have full understanding of the scientific methods that appear when red meat becomes harmful and unfit for human consumption. Therefore, we find that our company is interested in this area through ...

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