Article #1

It is known that red meat products are damaged if they are not properly preserved. Not all consumers have full understanding of the scientific methods that appear when red meat becomes harmful and unfit for human consumption. Therefore, we find that our company is interested in this area through awareness leaflets, which show the following:

Nutrition: Some people do not consider this important. Red meat products are heavily influenced by the quality of nutrition. Some people adopt a purely commercial way of feeding livestock, regardless of the quality of meat provided to consumers. With no specific chemicals that may affect the meat, we find that the method of healthy nutrition depends on natural pastures with the absence of certain chemicals that may affect the meat.

Slaughter: The process of slaughtering is done according to Islamic and scientific methods, where scientific methods pass through several stages of medical examination before slaughter, and then detection of meat after slaughter to determine the validity of consumption.

Meat conservation: This process is one of the most important stages, which is followed by the slaughter process, which is stored for a short period in a refrigerator at a certain temperature before the transfer to distribute, this process is to stop the bleeding blood from meat, then to be transported by cars equipped with certain specifications, Heat from 0 ° C to 5 ° C into the refrigerator compartment.